Live on RTE Radio 1

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Blaithin was in RTE Studios this week on Today with Sean O’Rourke. She started off by playing her newest release, I Can’t Breathe, in the way we love Blaithin most - alone with her distinctive vocals and breathtaking pianism.

She then had a chat with Sean about her life, music and career. Cool as a cucumber, Blaithin opened up about her crippling fibromyalgia and how mindfulness, Pilates and sheer determination helped her overcome it.

Blaithin then played Rome, a piano-driven ballad that beautifully exhibits her classical influences. Pretty sure she’s happy with her performance too based on this rockstar selfie!!

blaithin carney.jpg

Tickets for Blaithin’s gig at Whelan’s on 24th May are available here.

Aisling Quinn