Whelan's Headliner 2019

blaithin carney at whelans.JPG

Can we do it all again please?

On Friday 24th May, Blaithin engaged her intimate audience Upstairs in Whelan’s in an enchanting night full of quirky surprises.

Performing with her band, then her string quartet and even solo with her trusty electronic keyboard in the world-renowned live music venue, the magical gig seamlessly switched back and forth between each segment of the show, leaving the audience craving more after an hour of flawless performing.

Sometimes what song was being performed only became apparent at the opening line. Other times, songs would veer off down more baroque avenues. It was all part of the charm, Blaithin’s charm. Her energy filled the room.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was during “Voodoo Swing.” Blaithin stood in the sidelines and watched her classical music piece be performed by a mesmerising string quartet. “If anyone can think of a better name, you won’t get any credit or royalties but I’m taking recommendations,” she added with a glint in her eye.

With interests ranging from classical to rock, pop, indie and everything in-between, anything could appear in Blaithin’s set, which featured passionate numbers like “No Means No” and “Rome” to a more reflective rendition of “I Can’t Breathe,” and an emotional account of “Crystallise.”

Blaithin even visited some of her favourite songs by other artists. Adding her own classically-infused twist to Radiohead’s “Night Dream” and pumping up the crowd with her own take of Salt N Pepa’s “Push It,” the night saw Blaithin’s audience dance, sway, cry, sing along and connect, leaving them all asking the big question “where can we see Blaithin play next?” Watch this space!

Aisling Quinn